Fixed price IT!
Experience shows that at least 1/3rd of the cost of running a network can be saved with TSI managed services.

For a fixed monthly price, TSI provides clients with all the efficiencies and cost savings of a properly implemented IT infrastructure, without the expense of employing an IT Manager.

Every option is covered, from the purchase and installation of a simple network of a few workstations at a single site through to full leasing of all equipment over multiple locations with server hosting, active security management, remote access management, disaster recovery and hardware swap out. As a Telecom accredited communications provider, TSI can even manage the installation and ongoing operation of data circuits and broadband internet connections.


Private Cloud Hosting
TSI's data centre uses only IBM Xeon servers running in VMWare virtualised environment. The "private" part of Private Cloud means you become part of our network, so you know exactly where your data is stored - you can even visit it if you want! - but you get all the advantages of Cloud and Internet connectivity like remote access using a variety of devices, and you never need do another backup again

Peace Of Mind
With pro-active server management, TSI takes total responsibility for preventative maintenance, system performance management, server monitoring, fault diagnosis and recovery, backups, eliminating spam, spyware and viruses, remote connectivity as well as user maintenance and support.

Basically, our clients receive a fast, reliable, stable network without the expense of in-house IT staff.

24/7 automated system monitoring ensures problems are either avoided altogether or identified early and dealt with quickly. The TSI support helpdesk provides unlimited phone based assistance.

Disaster Recovery
Business have been crippled, and even gone out of business, because of IT disasters involving information loss. When data cannot be recovered, or when it takes days to get everything back up and running, the business will be in “free fall” while this is sort out. In a fire or flood, the physical damage to your business might be the least of your worries if you also lose your IT infrastructure.

When TSI manages your IT disaster recovery, you can rest assured that your entire operation is safeguarded from loss. Even in the event of a major hardware failure, services are typically fully restored within 4 hours.
To achieve total disaster recovery, we will implement several processes. These include a comprehensive backup system using multiple media and secure offsite data storage, the imaging of all critical server environments, the provision and ongoing management of appropriate uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices and remote verification. An additional option many clients choose is our hardware swap out service, ensuring spare parts, devices and PCs/servers are kept in stock and permanently available for quick replacement in the case of damage or theft.

Server Monitoring and Maintenance
While the IT needs of every client are slightly different, a requirement of every business is having its servers operating at maximum performance at all times. TSI offers a range of server monitoring and management services.

Monitoring services include the (periodic/scheduled) active inspection of hardware for optimum performance, automated remote error and problem alert notification and automated data usage and disk storage tracking. This includes physical inspection of all servers on a scheduled basis.

TSI also takes responsibility for the management of software or operating system updates on client servers, as well as user licensing (including Microsoft license audits) and user maintenance for additions, deletions and changes.

Remote Connectivity
TSI is able to provide connectivity for workers who require remote access to the IT system using a variety of modern techniques. These include all the common methods including VPN, RPD, Thin Client, PC Anywhere, mobile/data card access. In most cases, this connectivity is also actively monitored as part of our server maintenance services.
Other connectivity such as file transfer is also provided. This can be set up to operate on an automated, regularly scheduled basis, and includes options where TSI fully hosts this service and manages the processing of the data being transferred.

Network Services
TSI offers comprehensive network services including the provision and installation of all hardware and devices, cabling termination, network traffic management (in conjunction with server monitoring) and data circuit management for wide area networks.
This is backed up with full hardware, network and communication system audits (with comprehensive diagrammatic representations of network design provided) and consultative, ongoing management of the network with the client.

Security Solutions
Network and IT infrastructure security requires a combined approach and includes the system firewall, anti-spam/virus/spyware solutions, security of data (including backups) and physical security of the network in the form of adequate passwording methodologies.

The firewall is the “hub” of the network security system and it is critical that the appropriate firewall is implemented for each business. The firewall is the first line of defence against unauthorized intrusion and inappropriate traffic.

It is just as important these days to prevent staff from accessing inappropriate information as preventing someone external gaining access to your own information, so TSI uses firewall solutions that also provide our clients with comprehensive and regular user activity reporting.

For cents a day, TSI can protect every mail user from spam with customized solutions. These reduce or prevent the negative impact of spam on your business – unproductive staff, increased and potentially costly extra server and network traffic load; and even expensive internet billings in extreme cases.

Virus and Spyware Protection
For cents a day, TSI can protect every internet and system user from virus strikes and spyware infestations. Working with TSI’s anti-spam solutions, the anti-virus and anti-spyware systems actively check network traffic and system activity for inappropriate programs.
Should a virus and/or spyware outbreak occur, the system can be controlled via file quarantining and the shutting down of rogue processes to prevent the spread of any infestation while it is dealt with and removed.

User Administration
Often it is the simple things that are forgotten like disabling user accounts when staff leave. What do businesses that have an IT manager do when that person is on holiday?
TSI clients simply make a phone call or send and email to the support centre and the required account changes are actioned within minutes. A full log is kept of these changes and confirmation sent back immediately so the person requesting the change knows it has been carried out..